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Discord Bot Working... Kind of?

So I was using the Discord.js library via on of Replit's templates the console said:

Promise { <pending> }
Hint: hit control+c anytime to enter REPL.
Logged in as UwU Bot#4506.

But when I sent a friend request to UwU Bot#4506. So this gives me two questions: One, is the bot actually being created? And two, if so, how do I get an invite link for it? Otherwise, what do I do to get it working?

Coder100 (18238)
  1. you can't friend bots :D
  2. the invite link can be found in your developer tab.

step 1:
step 2: choose your bot

step 3:

step 4:

copy the link and there you go!


Thanks! This works wonderfully, @Coder100. One question related to Discord devtools, I made a link that uses Discord OAuth and redirects you to Do you know how to access the information in the URL after Discord is authorized?

RoBlockHead (521)

You can’t friend a bot, if you don’t have an invite link, you can generate a link in the developer portal at