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Disconnect github repo
realTronsi (927)

Is there any way to disconnect a git repo from a repl? Forking kept the repo connected, while downloading then importing as a zip removed folder structure.

Deleting the repo kept it connected as well

CoolCoderSJ (697)

I have a similar issue, someone else connected a git repo to their repl, and when i forked it, it connected their git repo to my repl

I guess as long as I dont commit anything I dont care though

Coder100 (19277)

Imagine getting something correct first-deployment lmao

report to bugs and for now just use git commands like ... idk

realTronsi (927)

@Coder100 I just spent 2 hours copying everything over by hand -_-

HarperframeInc (451)

@realTronsi Well atleast now you could write feedback instead xD

HarperframeInc (451)

No, I don't think so. You could try creating a new repl then using the shell to clone the repo.

realTronsi (927)

the repo is already deleted from my previous attempts so I can't git clone the repo

HarperframeInc (451)

@realTronsi Interesting. Please link your repl.

realTronsi (927)

@HarperframeInc uh it's something rather confidential.. I could replicate it if you would like. Just to put it simply, it has a large number of directories and files which would take way too long to copy over by hand

HarperframeInc (451)

@realTronsi Yeah, I don't know how to help you. Maybe contact support?