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Disadvanteges of Node.js?

Just to give you a sense of why I am asking this, I am going to make an extended version of Node.js that is generally better to code in. I was hoping some people could come by and tell me all the pains of Node.js.

Edit: Although there is a selected answer, feel free to comment more info if you'd like.

Answered by SixBeeps [earned 5 cycles]
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If you look at Ryan Dahl's slideshow for when he announced Deno, he went over plenty of design mistakes that he made when making Node. Personally, I think the most important ones are having a localized node_modules folder for every project and not having as clear of a focus on Promises as desired.

That being said, are there things about Deno that you aren't liking? What are your goals with this project of yours?


@SixBeeps Thank you for that link. It is very useful and interesting. The only thing bad about that link is that it is a little bit outdated. (Written in 2018, 3 years ago)


@mollthecoder Yeah the presentation was a while back, but those design flaws still hold today. I haven't heard anything about Deno in a while, but when I used it, I was fully convinced that it'd replace Node entirely.


@SixBeeps Many of the design flaws presented (Such as the removal of promises) were fixed. Also, Deno is not meant to be a replacement but an alternate to Node.js and because Deno is such a young language it doesn't offer the power Node.js has yet. In the future, Deno may become more powerful than Node.js and when that day comes I will surely switch. I can even back that up stating the fact that Deno isn't capable of reading a simple file yet. And the standard library can only be used in the unstable version of Deno.