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Disable express console logs
TikiHed (4)

is there any way to stop a node server
from displaying this info in the console area?...

Answered by tussiez (1677) [earned 5 cycles]
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tussiez (1677)

This is a Replit bug, it returns the result of the last function called when running.

To hide this, add the following to the end of your index.js file:

""; // logs nothing, since this returns ""
InvisibleOne (3226)

No, but you could just clear the console after it

console.clear() // Imma gunna look this up to verify it is actually legit, but I think it works
TikiHed (4)

Clear works good, but with every POST or GET request, the console logs the http flow.. i'm trying to stop that from logging :)

InvisibleOne (3226)

I don't think you can stop it from logging. @TikiHed