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Disable autoconvert https
Quantizr (0)

My repl is functioning as an API server for an application, but the application is using HTTP requests to get the API. Sometime in the last four hours, repl began autoconverting http requests to https, leading to status code error 307s on my application.

Is there a way to disable this on repl? There is a different reason for why I am unable to use https on my application, so I have to be using http.

Answered by 19wintersp (1120) [earned 5 cycles]
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19wintersp (1120)

I'm not sure if this works everywhere, but so far for me, "<repl>.<user>" redirects to HTTPS, but "<repl>--<user>" won't.

Quantizr (0)

@19wintersp well uhhh repl changed that too so....

19wintersp (1120)

@Quantizr Yep, it's now enforced, and there's no way around it - which is probably a good thing. Could you go into detail as to why you are unable to use HTTPS in your application?