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Did the IDE change??

Edit: problem solved!
Solution: I only have a Samsung phone so I was using the mobile website, almost all features and things on the desktop website e.g secrets, style, database, etc so I just switched to the desktop website through my browser.

So I logged on today and found out that the IDE had changed appearance! I'm just wondering if this is for everyone or just me. Also I do not have a computer and only a Samsung phone so I use repl to code, due to the change it is impossible to code on mobile without a lot of pain and suffering, so I was also wondering if there is a way to change back to the old IDE style
(The repl that I selected is my current project in python and it is impossible to tell indentation level and then code soft wraps around it is even harder)


You can turn off explorer mode if you have that on, and replit themes are still in development, especially in the mobile department.


yes it changed