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Default CSS
WilliamXing (51)

What kinds of Default CSS(Such as Bootstrap) are there? And, how do you use them?

Coder100 (18253)

that's not default css
those are css libraries

and they are like js frameworks, there's an infinite amount of them

here are the most common ones:

imo you shouldn't have to use any of these css libraries, its pretty simple to create all of these features yourself, and it will also have faster load.

ch1ck3n (2088)

they make custom CSS classes to make it easier to animate, or make your website more elegant. <- here is the css library I'm working on <- here is bootstrap <- here is water.css, a simple css library in my opinion <- tailwind css, a very pouplar one!

ch1ck3n (2088)

@ch1ck3n If there is something you do not like in a library, just make your own css, just import it after the libraries. also don't forget to add !important to the custom css.

InvisibleOne (3021)

Bootstrap, this requires a tags for the bootstrap css, js file as well as Jquery, since bootstrap needs it to run.
There is also w3.css, which is W3Schools css library, they say it's easy to use but I've only ever used bootstrap.
Those at the only two serious ones I've heard of.

VulcanWM (2778)

For bootstrap you just link your html to the bootstrap link