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Database isnt working
BananaJellyfish (199)

for some reason, i can search results, but for everyone else it cant find them. why?

Answered by KeaganLandfried (35) [earned 5 cycles]
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KeaganLandfried (35)

Databases can only be edited by editors of the repl. I suggest using another database like mySQL if this turns out to be a problem for networking.

AntimatterDev (33)

yeah i use sqlite as its easy to learn and use since its stored in a file on your repl and not on a digital database.

LD1 (52)

Maybe this is why?

BananaJellyfish (199)

@LD1 yeah, you cant see the storage or anything but i thought the point was that other people could add to it

LD1 (52)

@BananaJellyfish Yeah I find it odd, I always thought the point of was other people could run your code without forking it. I guess it doesn't apply to programs that use the db.

figglediggle (137)

Can your word definitions be viewed by other people? Just wondering

BananaJellyfish (199)

@figglediggle they should be able to, but its not working. this is what happens for me: