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NightxHearts (20)

is it possible to disable forking???

qaiik (1)

Yes, please use the pypi package (that I made): replforks. After installing it, make an environment variable in your project through the side-menu, called "fork tracking" without quotes (yes, keep the spaces). Give it the value "true" without quotes. Now in your program:

import replforks


alialiwa2005 (21)

I support this.

Sometimes, you've got to be private, but not always completely private (like a Hacker Plan private repository).

What I mean is, sometimes you want others to use your program, so you want your product to be accessible by the public, but in a closed-source way (so the actual code behind it is hidden and un-fork-able).

Please add an option, preferably one available for standard and Hacker plan users alike, to at least disable forking, and more ideally, hide the code behind the Repl, while allowing the public to access/run the repl.

ikpar3 (0)

I did it, on my repl hackorize. It is both password, and fork protected. It works by detecting if an environment variable has been erased.

IntellectualGuy (823)

No, you have to buy the hacker plan and make those private repls, so they can't see them or form them, If you want then feature without hacker plan then I recommend suggesting it on feedback. Or maybe using another code editor.

IOP3 (854)

No there is no way to disable people from forking your repl. The only way to do that is to buy hacker and have private repls so people can't see your repls and can not fork it.

ikpar3 (0)

@IOP3 I want people to see it, but I don't want random people to be able to use it.

Wumi4 (531)

No. Why are you asking for it?

NightxHearts (20)

@Wumi4 i got 5 forkings on one of my repls- i dont really like people forking it :>