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Customise Console Font
rextapp (4)

I am new to python and programming in general and I am making a Text Adventure game and would love to change the font to something custom. And I was wondering how I would do that. If you could help that would be great.


eankeen (2174)


right now, there is no option for changing font and font size within the user interface

i think its pretty much impossible to use the standard cli tools you would normally use to adjust the fonts

so the only solution might be the use of some external / custom browser script

rextapp (4)

@eankeen Do you think python will bring out the feature to change the console text to something custom in the future?

eankeen (2174)

@rextapp i dont think that will be happening ever, unfortunately. there might be some python modules that let you have some custom tet output, which may or may not work on repl - but generally speaking, for simple programs, python receives some input in the form of text, and outputs text - its up to your terminal emulator or tty/pty to change how it looks (size, font, etc.)

rextapp (4)

@eankeen Could I use a custom console and choose what font I want? But how would I make it, What could I use?

mwilki7 (1133)

Also could use pygame which may have custom fonts.