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Custom Library Linking (C)

Is there a way to add custom compiliation flags to a C project, I know I could just manually run clang-7 in shell but I think that it would be best to give official support since you're going to have to manually type it out or run a shell script every time you want to compile and sometimes replit doesn't recongize some default library headers that exist. After all, for example: the version of clang replit uses has SDL support, allowing users to take advantage of libraries like SDL could open up a whole new category of high performance programs that can be written on repl

Answered by SixBeeps [earned 5 cycles]
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If you can run a command in the Shell, you can then map that command to the Run button using the .replit file. Is that not what you're looking for?


Never heard of the .replit file
Can you link to documentation of it?