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Custom Domain Not Working
Crosis (277)

Hello everyone, @RyanGardiner1 recently bought a domain , and we tried to use the custom domain, and whenever I go to the website, it just says "run the repl to see the output", any idea how to fix?

LeoXu2 (32)

idk maybe ur server is down

RowanFromBJC (46)

Maybe just go to instead of

the proxy my school uses already blocked the site lol

Crosis (277)

@RowanFromBJC it doesn't work for at all.

SameeraMurthy (110)

I think you just have to do what it says - run the repl.

Coder100 (16837)

how are you doing it?

Did you set it up correctly?

Try a subdomain, like www

Crosis (277)

@Coder100 I did do , and it popped up with that. It only says "run the repl to see the output"

RahulChoubey1 (136)

I'm pretty sure you have to do some more stuff within repl to get it to work.