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CubeScope & Infernal Dungeons

Hi guys, I'm here to ask you what CubeScope should be? CubeScope is currently a Replit Team developing Inferno Arena's next version. What else games should we create? What should we post?

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online DnD im sure some people will appreciate it :) though if you dont know the rules you will have to lean.... theyre not that hard once you know em hopefully . If you dont feel up to it maybe yugioh? Both will be pretyy cool.


@JULIODIAZ1, what do you mean by "online DnD" and what is "yugioh"?


D: YOu dond KnOW? Yugioh is a card game, with a "couple of rules" that are easy to remember once you know them. DND means "dungeons and dragons" and its a tabletop roleplaying game where you and a group of players go on adventures that are led by the DM "Dungeon master" they create the adventure but the thing is players can choose what they do it can be anything in that situation, there is already websited for online dnd but i am unable to play those bc my school but you can check how those work coz i am unable to. If you need more info about DND dont ask me i sok at explaining things so just youtube it @SreyasSabbani


Idk, it'd be nice to see a mobile game that makes users keep coming back with waiting times (e.x.: army training), and attacking other players. Lol, you can do it, you have a whole team helping you, it should be easy, good luck.