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Creating a visual output box
isaacbstone (2)

I've been trying to use Psychopy to create a pop up box that can be programmed to show text, different colored boxes/lines/shapes, and can be manipulated using a coordinate system. I also need to be able to get the coordinates of my mouse whenever it is over this box, and be able to tell when I've clicked.

The library is not working properly. When I call import it breaks. can someone provide me instructions for setting up this sort of output in repl? I know how to do it in other environments, but I specifically need to be able to do this on repl, because I am teaching a student python via skype and repl, and setting up a non web-based IDE on their computer is not going to be possible.

ash15khng (724)

I don't think supports psychopy, but does support tkinter and turtle, so you may want to try those out?
Also why does psychopy install so many modules??