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Creating Games with C++ / C#

Hello !

II would like to create a game in C++ and C#.

This langages are often used to create big projects in 3D, like with Unreal Engine or Unity. But I don't want to do some big project like that for now, but I woulld like to learn one of these langages by making a 2D game.

So, the question is :

Do you know tools or librairy to create game with C# or C++ ?

(like the JavaScript canvas)

Thanks for help and answers :)

(you can also tell me if you think it's a good idea or not)


SFML for C++ or SDL for either. They're not the easiest to set up here but i have both working.


@SPQR Nice, thanks. I'm going to check this :)


@SPQR SDL doesn't work like it just errors out... please help.


@iDracula Even the SFML example doesn't work, I'm desperate to work with either! I have a chromebook and I can only run stuff on cloud and I want to get into GUI development in c++.


@iDracula Hi! I haven't updated either of those examples in years so I'd imagine they don't work at all anymore. I may update them in the near future, but you shouldn't rely on me for this.

I don't know if I could recommend SFML or SDL for GUIs, or even C++ at all. SFML has basically no built-in GUI support that I could make any sense of, and many programmers much more knowledgeable than I say that C++ is horrible for writing GUIs, unless maybe it's for Windows, but you can't really write code for a Windows system using a Chromebook (all cloud development platforms that I know of use Linux.)

If you're already committed to C++, I would do some searching for a C++ GUI library that runs on Linux systems, and try to get that working on here.

If not, I would personally recommend Java for GUIs as it's fairly easy to learn if you already know C++, and it's a lot better for GUIs overall.