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Crashes every time I install tensorflow.
hg0428 (194)

Every time I try to use TensorFlow on it crashes before a single package is installed. report bug here:

cookeydev (3)

To use TensorFlow in Replit, run pip install tensorflow-cpu in the shell, then create a .replit file and in it, put:



Now you can use import tensorflow as tf

The Replit VM has no GPU, so you have to install tensrflow-cpu, which has CPU-only support.
When you install tensorflow-cpu, if you use import tensorflow, python imports tensorflow-cpu. Replit doesn't know that, so when you import tensorflow it will automatically install normal tensorflow. By adding tensorflow to ignoredPackages, Replit won't install normal tensorflow.

PizzaRules668 (9)

Thank you!
How do you install tensorflow-1.15
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement tensorflow==1.15

cookeydev (3)

@PizzaRules668 I think you would install tensorflow-cpu==1.15

PizzaRules668 (9)

I tried that
I think I figured It out I need python 3.7 not 3.8

hg0428 (194)

thanks, I will try that

DiegoAlarcon (9)

I am having the same exact issue, I believe this is not happening with other libraries.

hg0428 (194)

It is not happening with any other libraries, but no libraries are installed if any one of them can not be installed. @DiegoAlarcon

HackermonDev (2020)

Do you have the explorer role? If you do you should remove it because this glitch only happens if you have explorer role (i think)

JordanRenaud (3)

If any of you are still having issues like I am go ahead and upvote my bug report so it gets seen , front page, scroll down a bit, called Tensorflow