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Crash: repl process died unexpectedly: signal: killed
DavidMarr (17)

I am getting a crash when load testing 500,000 points (please see error below):

Number of points => 500000
X dimension => 250000
Y_dimension => 250000

"repl process died unexpectedly: signal: killed"

DavidMarr (17)

I was load testing. Very good. Thank you for the information.

UniqueOstrich18 (331)

This happens when the system runs out of memory, and has to kill the program. Consider running it on your own computer, as only gives you 200MB of RAM.

ZacharyRude (8)

I am going to show you that error: repl process died enexpectedly:

ZacharyRude (8)

@ZacharyRude > I'm a

blockquote element.

ZacharyRude (8)

1. this
2. that
3. and stuff

ZacharyRude (8)

Here is the bulleted list version:

  • this
  • that
  • and stuff