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Copyright allowed on basic account?


I have a question.
Suppose I have a basic account and make a repl. At the top I say clearly
Copyright myname, 2021.
Just because the replit can be seen and be forked by anyone doesn't mean that people can copy my work without permission and distribute it, right?

I should hope not, because then a premium plan is one of my only ways to protect myself from having my code stolen.



Sadly repl doesn't have any feature like that. So people can use and fork your code, without your permission. But I don't think your code will get stolen it will be with you only. And there was a feature when we could see that it was forked but repl has updates some features and it's no longer visible but, but you can see at the top right that if someone has forked your repl or not. But(A lot of but's) if someone copies your code makes a repl then you won't see that there because they have opened your files and copied the code inside it and pasted it in their repl.

But if someone forks your repl and posts it on repl then you can report that post.
Hopefully this helps, if this helps pls tick my answer as correct.


@sn236 Thanks, I apreaciate you replying. So the copyright remains with me right. like they can't publish it without my permission depending on the copyright notice I keep on top..