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Constant TypeError when trying to use Colorama and typewriter effect function

TypeError: can only concatenate str (not "NoneType") to str
This is the issue I'm constantly having whenever I try to use this line of code:

Not sure why, but it's showing this error with no explanation, and all results online are things about trying to make custom .upper() functions and other randomness, a bit new to Python, but I'm not seeing any solutions, so I figured I might as well ask here, might ask somewhere else if I need to.
Help would be quite nice, thanks.


And I'm an idiot and it turns out I just had to remove the wait function in the text that was making it pause the code in between the line break and the selection thing, took an hour, just wasting time and I spent a bunch of time trying to make something on here asking for help.



you can split the code in to different function calls. @V0ru5


Yeah, I will @Coder100