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Console not working
DhruvChawla (1)

I wrote a code (python) and i clicked run, but it is not running

RyanRana (211)

To learn python for beginners check out this channel,

But, for specific help please post the link our code under this comment so I can assist you with your project!

amasad (3356)

@RyanRana this is a cool channel! You should post it to announcements so others can find it :)

RyanRana (211)

@amasad Thank you so much, please subscribe if you haven't already, as you can see starting the channel is very slow, and I very much appreciate your support!

ChezCoder (1614)

@RyanRana yes cool indeed! But please don't advertise on posts if it doesn't relate, if you want people to visit your channel, just post it in announcements, not by advertising. Good Luck! :)

Yamboy1 (38)

Which repl is this for?