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Console error or just me?

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Every single time i create a new, the terminal/console is blank white and I have no idea what is wrong with it. It is really limiting me because I need to be able to see the terminal for errors and such. Does anyone know that problem could be?
Screenshot 2021-04-07 094905

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Can you like output something? Like try to do console.log("Hello World!") and check if you see the console or not. Also, is this only in a Node.js repl? Try to make another repl in a different language, or fork this current repl.

If it still doesn't work, report to bugs here. You could always try to shoot an email to [email protected] if it's urgent! :)

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hmmmmmm.....must be a bug. Report it here or the new feature which is to press the get help button on the left bar and press report a bug.

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I should be more specific, a new node.js

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try reloading