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Console error or just me?
TinyTimBot (0)

Every single time i create a new, the terminal/console is blank white and I have no idea what is wrong with it. It is really limiting me because I need to be able to see the terminal for errors and such. Does anyone know that problem could be?

Bookie0 (6020)

Can you like output something? Like try to do console.log("Hello World!") and check if you see the console or not. Also, is this only in a Node.js repl? Try to make another repl in a different language, or fork this current repl.

If it still doesn't work, report to bugs here. You could always try to shoot an email to [email protected] if it's urgent! :)

IcynDevz (765)

hmmmmmm.....must be a bug. Report it here or the new feature which is to press the get help button on the left bar and press report a bug.

TinyTimBot (0)

I should be more specific, a new node.js