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Console and run button bug
Zapdos007 (0)

I have a repl that is "always on" the "run" property in .replit is directed to this command: "pip install -U git+; python"
(because the latest version of is not in pip)

So when I open replit and go to my repl, even though the actual program is running, the run button says "Run" like when the repl is shut down. And nothing shows up on the console, no tracebacks.
When I click on "Run", it attempts to install from poetry and then it says something like "Your program is already running, please shut it down first". And then I have to terminate it and again start. How can I fix this?

  • Run button bugged
  • Console tracebacks and stuff don't show up
InvisibleOne (3226)

Can we see the repl? You might not be actually running anything in the code.