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Connecting to a GitHub repo?
CaptainAnon (144)

Is there any way that I can connect a repl to a github repository, so that I can make commits and pull requests?

Yuman (11) can import/read from my repo. But when I commit/push, it gives me:
"Please grant permission to access GitHub on your behalf"

I click on the [Connect] button, it send me back to the same starting position.

21natzil (1176)

Not at the moment, however don't worry! This feature is planned and being developed as we speak.

YesidCano (1)

@21natzil when? is it working now?

fernandob (3)

@YesidCano, @CaptainAnon mentioned below that we can use openshell with cmd/ctrl + shift + p aka command line

CaptainAnon (144)

@AustinJones3 you can open a shell using cmd/cntrl + shift + p and then use the git command to communicate with the Github repository.

domrany (5)

How the open shell helps to connect a github repo to the new repl?
I could open the open shell and use git clone to clone some repo from remote, but when I close the current repl, the runner will be erased, therefore, the git repo will be removed!
I also see the git address entry when I want to create new rep, but entering the repo it says can't add an empty repo (and my git repo is not empty!)

Retrac11 (1)

Is it possible to connect create a Github repo for it AFTER it has been created?

CaptainAnon (144)

@Retrac11 Do you mean that the Repl has been created before the Github repository or the Github repository before the Repl?

Retrac11 (1)

@CaptainAnon The repl was created first.

CaptainAnon (144)

@Retrac11 You can go into the 'version control' tab in the sidebar and set up a Github repository from there.

nik_safe (1)

I would love to connect my folder on to GitHub.would be great to have that

CaptainAnon (144)

@nik_safe I think that's now possible to do.

nik_safe (1)

@CaptainAnon is there a documentation or a link available about who to do that ?

CaptainAnon (144)

@nik_safe If you create a new repl there is an option to enter a URL.

triptych (5)

@CaptainAnon No, that just does a one way import. You want read and write back to the repo.

CaptainAnon (144)

@triptych You can use the git command. Command (or control on windows) + Shift + P and then search for 'open shell.'

abueide1 (0)

@CaptainAnon when i open the shell, git doesn't work. It's not installed in my repl apparently.

CaptainAnon (144)

@abueide1 What sort of repl are you using? It works for me in a Python 3 repl.

gplantard (0)

@CaptainAnon Command (or control on windows) + Shift + P launch a private navigation on firefox. Is there another way to open the shell ?