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Confused About Error
OscarSowerbutts (9)

When I run my Python code an error appears almost straightaway. The program is meant to be a game in which you guess a word and then get points if your word has one of the random letters.
I don't quite understand the error, PLZ HELP INTERNET

Coder100 (18207)

input Is. An argument, not a function anymore because of line 12. Line 12 told python it has value True now, so just rename input argument and don't forget to change line 14 too.


It’s because the Boolean object isn’t call able. You should change the parameter input to like iput or something you remember

ch1ck3n (2076)

you overrode the function input with a boolean. change

def printPoints(points, tinput = True):
	print('\nPoints: %s\n' % points)
	if tinput == True:

or smth like that.

BananaJellyfish (210)

Im fairly sure its something to do with when you define printPoints, it has input = True but im not sure.