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Complete the function fizzBuzz in the editor below.
Carderalli (2)

Given a number n, for each integer i in the range from 1 to n inclusive, print one value per line ad follows:

  • if i is a multiple of both 3 and 5, print FizzBuzz.
    -if i is a multiple of 3, but not 5, print Fizz.
    -if i is a multiple of 5, but not 3, print Buzz.
    -if i is not a multiple of 3 or 5, print the value of i.

fizzBuzz has the following parameter(s): int n: upper limit of values to test (inclusive)
Returns: NONE
The function must print the appropriate response for each value i in the set {1, 2, ..., n} in ascending order, each on a separate line.
CONSTRAINTS 0< n < 2 x 10^5

Input from stdin will be processed as follows and passed to the function.
The single integer n, the limit of the range to test: [1,2, ...,n].

Answered by Vandesm14 (2752) [earned 5 cycles]
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Vandesm14 (2752)

What have you tried so far? I can't help you if you don't try it yourself first.

Carderalli (2)

function FizzBuzz(i){
(var i = 1; i <=15; i++) {
if (i % 15 == 0) console.log("FizzBuzz")
else if (i % 3 === 0) console.log("Fizz")
else if (i % 5 === 0) console.log("Buzz")
else console.log(i)

Carderalli (2)

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(var i = 1; i <=15; i++) {

SyntaxError: Unexpected token [email protected]

Vandesm14 (2752)

@Carderalli You forgot the for loop: for (var i = 1; i <=15; i++) {

Vandesm14 (2752)

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