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Compatibility Issues On Chrome OS

On ChromeOS, I cannot compile nor play Kaboom Games. When I try to, it wont work (It just shows a blank screen). Ive tried posting about it in the regular ask section, but I got barely any help or attention, so Im posting here. Will there be patches? Or have I at least brought this to your attention??

Please someone help, this may be my only chance to recreate a childhood game that is long gone from the internet.

LOLguy1123455 (24)

Chrome usually is slow. Especially if you've been using one for a long time. It also has bad Wi-fi. Make sure it's not that. If you still can't then your computer may be blocking something. Ask an adult. If you can't then Contact Repl.


@LOLguy1123455 Its not the internet, my internet is pretty fast.
Im suspecting its the chromebook's painfully slow proccessor; though I might not build with Kaboom since 60% of students in the US use a chromebook, and I want my game to be playable to everybody, or else im losing traffic

Coder100 (18104)

Make sure its not that ur computer sucks and is unable to even run kaboom.

Anyways, kaboom did get a breaking release, but it should be fixed now.


@Coder100 It still wont work when I try a sample game on the catalog.

Also im not sure lmao, WebGL and ThreeJS works, and p5.js takes a long time to load but it works too

Coder100 (18104)

clearly that means kaboom is broken @novaflippers


@Coder100 wdym "broken"


question, which childhood game.


@JULIODIAZ1 I only remember the interfance, not the name lmao


@JULIODIAZ1 A personified dog game on windows XP and you can explore a whole island and play minigames on it

RoBlockHead (520)

Could you link a repl that isn’t working?


@RoBlockHead Every single KaboomJS game. Id suggest replit cross-test the library to find which versions arent working