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Command line confusion
parkerhwrd (0)

On my first attempt compiling/making and running my code through the command line, I have no issue (using "make" or "g++ -o" and "./"). After it goes through the program, the command line doesn't register what I type. I noticed the orange ">" disappears after I compile and run, so I think that could be why. I have to refresh the page after each run, which is a little bit annoying and inefficient. Is there a way to bring the ">" back? I tried researching what to do, with no luck.

Answered by Coder100 (16802) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (16802)

When you clear the terminal, the 'orange prompt indicator' gets removed.
A feature not a bug!

Press ctrl + enter to re-run lol

parkerhwrd (0)

Thank you for the info! I really appreciate it @Coder100

Wumi4 (482)

That's OK. Try to click on the shell, if you see the white, thinking box, it means that it stills fine. If it doesn't, consider report it to the bugs:

parkerhwrd (0)

Awesome, thank you so much! @Wumi4