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Command _ not found using cogs
tal3 (0)

I am trying to use cogs to make a discord bot. Previously I know this bot worked, because all my commands were in However, when I tried to start using cogs, every time I input a command in my discord server it gives a terminal output of “command _ not found”. If anyone could help me figure out why this is happening and how to solve the issue, that would be much appreciated.

Answered by ApoorvAgrawal (51) [earned 5 cycles]
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tal3 (0)
ApoorvAgrawal (51)

You have an indentation error on line 80 on the, indent the docstring.


ApoorvAgrawal (51)

@ApoorvAgrawal And you have to indent line 94.

tal3 (0)

Thanks, that helped a lot. However, now, when I run it, I get a “callback for headline command is missing a ctx parameter”, even though I have the ctx parameter passed in the [email protected]

tal3 (0)

Never mind i figured that out, I needed to do self, ctx in any cog instead of just [email protected]

SamirKhanGT (0)

no module named cog