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ColinKirsch (0)

this is supposed to be a program that finds the average age, height, and salary of two people and changes the salary to $. i cant get the invalid syntax thing gone so im posting this for you guys to tell me what i did wrong and how to fix it. like how to get the syntax gone. please help me.

ColinKirsch (0)

your thing doesnt work. it is suposed to look like the link im putting here. all the code i had was suposed to be there but the syntax will not go away

IcynDevz (764)

@ColinKirsch but what does all this do

print(format('First', '^12s'), format('Middle', '^12s'), format('Family', '^12s'))
print(format('Name', '^12s'), format('Initial', '^12s'), format('Name', '^12s'), format('Age', '^12s'), format('Height', '^12s'), (format('Salary', '^12s'))
print(format('='*12, '^12s'), format('='*12, '^12s'), format('='*12, '^12s'), format('='*12, '^12s'), format('='*12, '^12s'), format('='*12, '^12s'))
print(format(firstName1, '<12s'), format(middleName1, '^12s'), format(familyName1, '<12s'), format(age1, '^12d'), format(height1, '^12.2f'), format(salary1, '>12s'))
print(format(firstName2, '<12s'), format(middleName2, '^12s'), format(familyName2, '<12s'), format(age2, '^12d'), format(height2, '^12.2f'), format(salary2, '>12s'))
print(format(' '*12, '^12s'), format(' '*12, '^12s'), format(' '*12, '^12s'), format('='*12, '^12s'), format('='*12, '^12s'), format('='*12, '^12s'), format('='*12, '^12s'))
print(format(''*12, "^12s"), format('Average:' *12, '^12s'), format(''*12, '^12s'), format(ageAverage,*12, '^12s'), format(heightAverage*12, '^12s'), format(salaryAverageDollars*12, '>12s'))
ColinKirsch (0)

the assignment was to make a chart like the one i have in my last comment. basicly the code is suposed to look like this

so i an trying to do this before 5 pm when it is due.