how do you make the run

I made a php web server repl to make a game (similar to and I took some programming from my friends repl where we tried to make it and I feel we failed but he did better than I could have. So I put in a but it is on a php repl and it won't run. How do I make it work. I don't know python and I prefer not to use it on repl because it runs slow on repl.

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Answered by CodingElf66 [earned 5 cycles]
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@CodingElf66's answer was on the right track, but rather than

You need to specify to run "" with "python" as a Python file is not a standalone application:


@BuddyRaider That's for only the Shell I think.


@CodingElf66 have you tried it? It gives an error with just "", but it runs fine with "python"

edit: this is the link to the replit docs for .replit files: Replit Docs - Configuring the Run button