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Coder's Block hit me, I need something to do.
MeowC (54)

I've been suffering from Coder's Block, and I need something to do!
Suggest something I should do, please.

epicman702 (481)

Try something you like
i like building tycoons on python

adilskillz (5)

Who is coder block???

Kookiez (389)

@adilskillz Coder's block is when you're stuck - 0 ideas

a5rocks (821)

Well, you can do the code jam :
Also, try out Project Euler.
Try implementing cool algorithms?
Check out github for some ideas.
And most importantly, try learning a new language (actually the most important is to have fun xD cheesiness).
Use a new module.
Try out an api!

MeowC (54)

@a5rocks I might try learning C# or Bash

a5rocks (821)

@MeowC Nice! I've always wanted to be better at bash so I can be better with a raspberry pi! ...Just never had the motivation...

pyelias (2389)

Write a music visualizer
Simulate physics
Make a calculator
Create a programming language
Make a game
Make a chatbot