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Web view shows the connection is blocked
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I imported a working Django web app into It does work in the browser. But in the web view, it crashes. I've tried four browsers. The ones with the most useful messages were Opera and Firefox.

The Opera message: is blocked refused to connect.

The Firefox message:

Firefox Can’t Open This Page
To protect your security, will not allow Firefox to display the page if another site has embedded it. To see this page, you need to open it in a new window.
Learn more…
Report errors like this to help Mozilla identify and block malicious sites

Firefox "learn more" link:

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Thanks and I will try it but I'm curious about something. If I try to create a new Django web app in (instead of importing one from github) I don't see any of those CORS settings in the default Yet the newly created app works properly in web view. What would explain that?