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how to do a react flask app with python3 and nodejs in one repl?
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I'm wondering if I could use to develop a webapp that contains both, a python3 backend with flask and a nodejs frontent with react.

Basically I try to replicate this tutorial:

Is there a way to configure a repl to run python3 AND nodejs?

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@Coder100 Okay, this was a bit confusing. Did some digging and found out that:

  • If I create a node repl and add a python file (.py) to it, then it would install node and add python2.7 automatically. For my project I need python3 though.
  • If I create a python repl and add a javascript file (.js) to it, then it would install python3.8 and add node automatically.

So this seems to solve the problem for now. I just have to FIRST create a python repl and then add node, not the other way round. I really think there should be a way to manage installs and versions besides relying on automatic detection and import though.