NodeJS HTTP Server Not Responding
Crosis (281)

Hello, today while making my discord bot, I wanted to make my own screenshot API. So, I searched up ways to do so, and found puppeteer. But, it is not supported by repl (fully), so I found out how to make it work. After getting the HTTP server set up, I tried to load the page, but after the 1st time loading all the rest said Hmmmmm... couldn't reach your repl. I checked console, and it didn't show me connecting. Whenever I restarted the repl, it didn't even start the HTTP server, just said Listening. How can I fix this, or how can I do an alternative to this?
@Coder100 could you help me out here, I found out how to use puppeteer in repl from you

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Crosis (281)

@Coder100 I did, and I tested with both chrome and firefox.