typing isn't really working in the IDE

when I type to code the things I type are going in the wrong places even though my cursor is in the right place has everyone else also been having this same problem or is my computer just being glitchy?

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Answered by Coder100 [earned 5 cycles]
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@Coder100 I agree with others--this is definitely a bug. It happens to me nearly every time I use my chromebook. It has never once happened on my win10 PC (and I use replit daily for teaching). I don't use emojis. I do occasionally have a separate issue with invisible characters when copying and pasting code into a repl on my chromebook also. This invisible characters prevent my C++ repls from compiling--I have to hunt them down and delete them. This also never happens on my windows machines. I use the most up to date version of chrome on all my machines.