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My repl has 27 gb of RAM really?
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function bTG(num) { return num / Math.pow(10,9) //bytes to gb } console.log(bTG(os.freemem)) console.log(bTG(os.totalmem)) >> 1.775673344 >> 27.335294976

Does my repl really have 27 gigabytes of RAM? And I'm just running 77 lines of random stuff, how does this consume 1 gb? I suspect this is for /home/runner (I guess all the repos on the server?).
How do I find the amount of memory allotted to my repl, and mine only?

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Answered by ImagineEngine [earned 5 cycles]
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Ah yes, I saw this SO thread too, but it tells me I have 27 GB of RAM. So...?