Would like to close or not use X11 GFX window with Python Matplotlib

It used to be that using matplotlib with python on repl.it simply required that you save the plot to a png file rather than display it. With recent updates, repl.it is creating an X11/GFX window in the upper right corner even if no call is made to display graphical output.

How can I suppress the creation of the X11 window or close it?

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@CodeLongAndPros, ps -ux shows that the process was started by runner. I can manually kill it by PID, but this seems to crash the who repl.it page, requiring a reload. It also doesn't get rid of the frame, or prevent it from appearing in the first place.

import os
os.system("killall xorg")

... just causes a syntax error message.

The X11 window is being activated as soon as a matplotlib function is called, even though no (screen) output is requested.

Is there some kind of setting in repl.it that is causing the X11 system to go active if matplotlib is called? It used to NOT do this.