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[Python] How to run python shell automatically when REPL started
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Hi, I have embedded REPL shell to my website.

However, when the page is loaded (i.e. REPL loaded), the default page (first page I see) is the bash terminal instead of the python shell.

How do I make the python shell started by default and force the users to stay in the python shell? I don't want my users to see other files in the repository.

Thanks in advance.

Basically, I want my REPL terminal looks like this (see image below) when it's loaded (now I have to type python explicitly to start the interactive shell). Moreover, I don't want users to exit the python shell by typing exit().

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 7.23.30 PM

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Answered by CodeLongAndPros [earned 5 cycles]
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Yep, now I defined my run to be something like this run="python install; while true; do python; done".

Yes, it works but it installs the dependencies every time I click the run button. And this way is quite explicit. I want to preinstall the dependencies so that users don't have to wait for them to be installed. Will there be a way to do that? In fact, my first question was more like how to make my repl's default language to be python (I want to set my repl to be python repl).

I appreciate your help :)