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Code working on my PC but not on Replit
BotDeveloperDS (0)

Hi, sorry for writing here! I'm developing a Discord bot. I coded it locally then I copied all files etc... but when I run the code on Replit it says that it can't find a module! Can someone help me please? Thanks!

OldWizard209 (1531)

You will need to manually install the packages. You can either go to the shell and install the package using pip install <package name>.

Or navigate to the left navbar on your repl, and install packages from the box icon. Search the packages i=ocer there and install whatever you need.

BotDeveloperDS (0)

@OldWizard209 sadly Python doesn't recognise the "core" module

JamesGordon1 (150)

can you please update your post to include the repl that has your code so we can help you fix it

BotDeveloperDS (0)

@JamesGordon1 oh no problem! I wish you could help me!!

JamesGordon1 (150)

@BotDeveloperDS I will try to in a bit (currently at school)