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Code keeps looping main() after user had inputed day of week.

OK, so my code is looping main() every time I input a day of the week which I suspect has something to do with lines 93-110 and the same code pasted with different variable names on line 162-180. User is prompted to input a day of the week to assign an event and then can see his results then asked to leave to go to the menu() to add more tasks to the day of the week but the code keeps looping over and over every time user is redirected to main() to input more days and I don't know WHY!!! Well, I do just don't know how to fix something with an easy solution but I have looked over it and can't think of anything. Would appreciate any help I hope this was clear enough to understand.


I don't havee it set to w+ for a reason so when you run code delete all contents in hold.txt