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Code doesn't run
GabrieleRomagno (43)

It happens regularly that the python code i am writing simply doesn't run. I try to stop and nothing happens. I refresh the page i get the same problem. Few hours later i try and everything runs smoothly.
I really would like to use Repl but i am having so many headheache that i am tempted to find another solution :(

masonjam (6)

same here today. Halfway through, the console just stopped working. However, I was able to run other people's repls. I was able to run mine when I am not signed in as well.


i have same problem plz fix it

githier (9)

Hello all, my html,css, js code is not running now. How can I fix this?
Thank you

rlry1111 (6)

@githier me too! it seems like some cookie and attribute problem!

Zonnielilbro (8)

My code isn't running period. Even after refreshing and waiting hours, my python code is just not running. I am able to stop it, but when I run it, nothing happens. Even when I simply do print('Hello World'), it doesn't print it.

reddyforit (6)

its happening to me now as well

amasad (3452)

Hey @GabrieleRomagno, CEO here. There was an outage by Google Cloud, our provider and that's why things didn't work. Everything back up now.

We take service reliability very seriously so if this happens again, let me know directly: [email protected]

GabrieleRomagno (43)

@amasad ok great. In case i have any other issue i will let you know. Congratulation for the great platform!

zaccandels (4)

@amasad I'm having the same problem. Any time I try to run a python script nothing appears in the console.

amasad (3452)

@zaccandels hey there for matplotlib you need to save it to an image for now. We're working on fixing this.
Interactive Python Plots -

NguyenTrong4 (1)

@amasad Hello, I'm using python and writing a script that logs in pixiv by using its API but lately it doesn't really seem to work well since most of the time, I can't log in via pixiv's API. It would be very nice if you can help me about this.

BraylanBB121 (42)

@amasad I am having the same problem now please help me, it's with my HTML, CSS, JS code.

MemeManHimself (101)

@amasad So, whenever I use any language that ends in, it. will. not. work! Just it won't work, PERIOD. And I have no idea how to fix this! Please help!

OwenBradstreet (128)

I found this to happen sometimes too. An easy fix is to just close your browser and reopen it, and use CTRL+SHIFT+T to open your old pages again - seems to work. Hope this helped.

GabrieleRomagno (43)

@OwenBradstreet thanks i will try. Sometime also the syntax in the new file doesn't get recognized.... functions are not alighted like if the code is simply text. Still a bug or am i doing something wrong

OwenBradstreet (128)

@GabrieleRomagno When you create the new file, are you adding the extension (.py) to the end? If not, it will just be a blank file format.

PS: If this is helpful can you upvote? Thanks!

NSainz (0)

Yeah, got the same issue, here. Server overload is one problem, but apparently, Repl also doesn't bother with notifying or posting on their own site when they are doing an update that freezes everything and stops our codes from running. Like what's happening right now !

And here I was looking for the reason why all of my repls (past or present) were not running anymore...

IzmaKhan (0)

Same thing's happening to me
It has been quite a while I thought the problem will get resolved within a day or 2.
It has been 3 weeks now and the python code I write doesn't work.
I request the person responsible to kindly fix this thing as I am not able to do my coding :(

elssaM (0)

Having the same issue, it has been days I try to run Java codes and simply nothing happens, I copy the same codes as my lessons and no results. Such a headache :(

NoorNasri1 (0)

Same problem today - managed to fix by using edge instead of chrome to run the program

HoseinAhmadzade (0)

Hi. I have your problem too. What did you do to fix this problem?

Mehmetizm (0)

When I write and run the python code it does not appear on the screen help

HoseinAhmadzade (0)

Me too. Did your problem solved?

DanielBrown115 (0)

even it also doesn't support .env file. whenever i try to upload a .env file message pops up that there's an error. also my flask website is not working.

RileyScorbunny (4)

my code is not running so its so annoying.


It worked once for me and then suddenly stopped... what is happening to it?

NathanChen8 (0)

It doesn't work for me too. And it keeps on saying: replt is waking up. And when I run the code, nothing appears in the console. There is no error. Please help!

schmidti (1)

Yes, same here! It occurs too today.

icy_1 (2)

It's usually quite good. Just today maybe they're overloaded, as I experienced compiler loading and execution problems. I know locally for me east coast USA, there is currently a hurricane/flash flood, etc., maybe related.

GabrieleRomagno (43)

i am located in EU so i don't think that is the problem @icy_1.
Maybe i am doing something wrong. To run a code i should simply select a file and ctrl+enter? is only the "main" file played?
These are probably stupid questions but are there some tutorials where i could get a better feeling of how to use repl?

icy_1 (2)

@GabrieleRomagno since it ran for you a few hours later, that's why I suspect the server experienced overload.

For python I think typically you define a main function and add a bit of protection against automatic running if imported as a module.


(I give up trying to write comments in code... i tried <pre> <code> [code]... )

If you had both the files as in example, the main() function would run.