FutureInPython Tutorials
JosephSanthosh (1181)

I'm making a team where I'll be teaching the basics of Python. Anyone interested in learning Python should join!

Team name: FutureInPython Tutorials

Team 1: @KobeFF | @ROCKINGRAYQUAZA | @LTI2 | @SudhamJayanthi | @PizzaisGood | @MKWonderland | @theroadtocode | @pythoder | @Codingforfun123 |

Team 2: @Leroy01010 | @georgina3 | @ironblockhd | @abbykronenberg | @dabs364 | @HackerSK | @realTronsi | @Lethdev2019 |

If you want to join ping @JosephSanthosh NOW!!!


If you are in the FutureInPython Tutorials join the Slack NOW to receive announcements or questions or give ideas! Slack Invitation Link: https://join.slack.com/t/futureinpytho-sxq9730/shared_invite/zt-h180yr38-hClot4IoSnAiKhczLxEnBA

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JosephSanthosh (1181)

Class Announcement!

Greetings everyone, this is an announcement inviting you all to join @Pythoder class on Python with Turtle! This class will be the first class of a series of classes for this language. This class will be held from 8.00-8.30am on Pacific Daylight Time, if you aren't available at that specific time do not worry as class material will be in the repl for you to refer to or see anytime you need to. I really hope you are interested in learning this language. Have a great day and be there tomorrow! @abbykronenberg | @dabs364 | @HackerSK | @KobeFF | @Codingforfun123 | @Lethdev2019 |