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Chromebook issue with copying and pasting
JanineTowle (5)

I have a student who is using a Chromebook and he can not copy and paste in either on the console or terminal. Any ideas?

RhinoRunner (806)

ctrl + c and ctrl + v do not work in a terminal. You will have to left-click and press copy/paste.

LukeWright (114)

is he using ctrl + c and ctrl + v?

AntarcticaAdv (31)

@JanineTowle try Ctrl+Ins to copy and Shift+Ins to paste. Edit: using Insert may be a little more complex in a Chromebook:

JanineTowle (5)

Thank you! I'll have him try that tomorrow. @AntarcticaAdv

AntarcticaAdv (31)

@JanineTowle if that doesn't work the only other way I know is to right click (two finger tap on the touchpad) and select copy or paste from the menu.

JanineTowle (5)

Thank you! This worked! For a chromebook the insert is accomplished by holding the search and . key at the same time. So copy is Ctrl+search+. and paste is Shift+search+. @AntarcticaAdv