Compatibility Issues On Chrome OS

On ChromeOS, I cannot compile nor play Kaboom Games. When I try to, it wont work (It just shows a blank screen). Ive tried posting about it in the regular ask section, but I got barely any help or attention, so Im posting here. Will there be patches? Or have I at least brought this to your attention??

Please someone help, this may be my only chance to recreate a childhood game that is long gone from the internet.

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Chrome usually is slow. Especially if you've been using one for a long time. It also has bad Wi-fi. Make sure it's not that. If you still can't then your computer may be blocking something. Ask an adult. If you can't then Contact Repl.


@LOLguy1123455 Its not the internet, my internet is pretty fast.
Im suspecting its the chromebook's painfully slow proccessor; though I might not build with Kaboom since 60% of students in the US use a chromebook, and I want my game to be playable to everybody, or else im losing traffic