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Cant upload files; button isn't working

I cant upload files to my repl; the button isn't working. When I try pressing the "upload file" button, nothing happens. I tried pressing "upload folder", nothing also happens. I tried pressing "request mobile site" on safari but it gives me 404. All repls I view in the mobile site mode gives me 404 (even new repls). I also tried switching to chrome but nothing also happens. Im not on explorer mode. Does anyone know how to solve this?

Answered by PixiGem [earned 5 cycles]
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idk, use inspect to change da code xD
juz kidding but u can report it


I recommend reporting it as a bug.

I think what you can do to fix it (I may be wrong, but) what you can try is making sure that Replit has the ability to open up your files?

Or if that doesn't work, than maybe try later? Idk, this hasn't happened to me before ;-;.

Maybe try switching to Explorer and see if that works?