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Can't run my code
Zuzuuu (1)

Hey, so I'm new to, and I can't have my code running.
When I hit run, there's just nothing happening, am I doing something wrong?

L0k3d20uz4 (1)

i dont know if you can use .event with discord.exe.commands. Instead, just import discord and do client = discord.Client(), and then with all your commands, just add the prefix in the beginning. Or you don't need to display when the bot is logged in and you can keep using discord.exe.commands. But I suggest using discord.Client().

Zuzuuu (1)

@L0k3d20uz4 (somehow managed to report instead of replying, smh)
The thing is, even an empty main with just print("something") doesn't work, it's like the Run button is broken

L0k3d20uz4 (1)

@Zuzuuu hmm yeah you're right. When I run it manually through the shell it works, and when I open the repl page it works there too. Is it just this repl thats doing this or all of them?

L0k3d20uz4 (1)

maybe add the repl to the post so I can take a look. I know one time when I made a java program and I forgot to end a loop, it didn't work.