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Can't figure out how to bind keys in tkinter
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Hello, I've been doing some research on binding keys, but I can't figure out how to, the code for the key binds is on line 24, I've tried it with and without a while loop.

Answered by 19wintersp [earned 5 cycles]
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When you bind a key in tkinter, you have to pass a function for it to call. Example:

def my_handler(): print("Something happened!") # tk stuff here... root.bind("some key", my_handler)

Notice how the handler is passed as my_handler, not my_handler(). The former passes the function itself, the latter executes the function and uses the return value (None) as the callback.

Your code passes parameters to, and so you will have to wrap that function call in another function with no arguments. An easy way to do that is with lambda functions:

def normal_function(): print("Hello") lambda_function = lambda: print("Hello") normal_function() # "Hello" lambda_function() # "Hello"

It's like a normal function, except shorter and anonymous: they are the equivalent of arrow functions in JavaScript, for example.

So, here is your code: (lines 24 and 25)

root.bind("left arrow", lambda:, 0)) root.bind("right arrow", lambda:, 0))
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@19wintersp Ok, thanks allot! :-)