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Can't Share Repl
HarperframeInc (455)

I'm not able to share a repl, because all the text boxes are grey, and it says I don't have any repls.

Answered by mat1 (4457) [earned 5 cycles]
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mat1 (4457)

This is a common issue, simply clear your browser cookies and it should be resolved.

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Vandesm14 (2753)

Do you have a screenshot?
What repl are you trying to share?

HarperframeInc (455)

@Vandesm14 Yes, Yes I do.

How can I share a repl, if I can't share a repl?

Aloeb83 (58)

@HarperframeInc I actually had a similar problem yesterday, but it seemed to solve itself. I’d suggest maybe reloading the page and/or waiting 10 minutes or so to see if it is working again.

If that doesn’t work I’m not sure what to do from there.

ash15khng (724)

@Aloeb83 You could go to your repl and click "Share". The button is next to the "Run" button.

PadmaKeerthi (0)

actually im not even getting any options like share at top right corner