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Cannot import module (websocket-cilent)
Classfied3D (0)

I can't install this module called websocket-cilent.
The really annoying thing is that there are some other modules called websocket and it installs like:
import websocket but using pip:
pip3 install websocket-client
replit gets confused and installs the websocket module.
I could use bash, but I'm making a module.

Please Help!


IMayBeMe (456)

You can download it through the package manager on the side bar of a repl. That allows greater control over the packages.

Classfied3D (0)

@IMayBeMe I tried that, but replit still gets confused

IMayBeMe (456)

@Classfied3D Oh ok, I can't really think of any other solutions apart from running it on a different local IDE

Classfied3D (0)

@IMayBeMe I guess I could download it