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Cannot find or create .env file
themagicbean (4)

I am trying to add a .env file to a repl. But I can't create a file with the name ".env" and I don't see an .env file. (Node.js - repl here:

Coder100 (18208)

Works fine for me, maybe you did it wrong?
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themagicbean (4)

@Coder100 Lol, indeed it does. I guess I needed to refresh it like @SixBeeps said.

AaditBansal (0)

This seems weird, but I had the same issue, and when I typed ".env" really quickly and pressed Enter, it worked.

DivyanshSareen (0)

hey @themagicbean! I faced the same issue recently, you can try uploading a .env file from your device. It works for me :D

SixBeeps (5221)

Have you tried refreshing the Repl after creating it?